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7 Newest PRP Treatments

7 Newest PRP Treatments

Platelet-Rich Plasma (concentration of platelets rich in growth factors) has been used for regenerative medicine purposes for some time now.

But scientists are constantly researching new and improved ways of utilizing this cutting-edge treatment.

From adding PRP injections into the treatment for osteoporosis to its role in addressing infections, we’ve put together 7 newest PRP therapies being explored. Check them out below!

1. Infertility

PRP has been explored for its potential role in helping patients who use Assisted Reproductive Technology to improve Endometrial Receptivity.

A study published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics explains how.

2. Osteoporosis

The titanium alloy used for osteoporosis prosthetics after a joint reconstructive surgery may have less-than-satisfying bone regeneration and bioactivity.

3D-printed porous titanium covered with freeze-dried PRP may help encourage bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell attachment and more.

3. Knee Osteoarthritis

Results of a recent study may give obese or overweight patients with knee osteoarthritis something to ponder.

After 6-12 months, the intra-articular PRP injections for knee osteoarthritis seemed to provide heightened joint function and better pain reduction than injections of hyaluronic acid.

4. Infections

PRP may not be just for wound healing. Activated PRP has shown to affect wound infections (like chronic ulcers) and bone infections. Read more.

5. Cancer

PRP’s use in treating cancer is complicated. Research is still undergoing, as PRP may influence the growth of tumors. However, PRP with immunotherapy may help treat non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Explore the topic yourself.

6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A study on patients with carpal tunnel syndrome found that those who were given PRP after a specific surgery for their condition were able to get their handgrip strength back to what it was before surgery earlier than those who took platelet-poor plasma.

7. Scleroderma

Those with scleroderma may be able to better their quality of life with PRP and hyaluronic acid injections. The injections were used to treat patients with scleroderma that negatively affected their mouths.