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Discover the Dr. PRP Difference

The Dr. PRP is a medical device designed to efficiently and quickly separate platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

This patented design creates high-concentration and high-quality PRP that can stimulate both cell growth and tissue regeneration for uses in cosmetic rejuvenation and orthopedic medicine.

We support practitioners who support us. When you purchase a kit, we’ll help you reach more patients by adding your contact information to our website, as well as provide other resources like educational brochures for patients.

You can prepare PRP in a few simple steps. Our PRP kits come in a variety of different pack sizes, from kit sample to 100-pack.

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Why Dr. PRP Kits?

Dr. PRP benefits include:

Safe PRP System


Since the system is sterile and closed, outside air is blocked with the double safety cap. Since the processing is all performed within the closed system, there is no chance of the PRP becoming contaminated.

Easy to Use PRP System

Easy to Use

Our kits are pre-packaged, and Dr. PRP’s clear chambers ensure that you can see all of the blood sample’s components. The buffy coat layer can be easily seen in the neck of the device, meaning that you can precisely separate the components into the type of PRP you wish to produce. You can even eliminate Red Blood Cells from your prp final product.

Quick PRP System

Quick and Convenient

The closed system of Dr. PRP allows for more treatments in less time. You can customize your final PRP composition for use in different situations.

The PRP can (and should) be administered as soon as you prepare it with our kit – no advanced-preparation needed.

High Concentration PRP System

High Concentration

One kit holds 20cc of fluid—3cc of anticoagulant with 17cc of whole blood—and produces 4cc of highly concentrated PRP. The platelet recovery percentage of Dr. PRP is higher than the minimum recovery percentage of other similar products from our competitors.

PRP System with Consistent Results

Consistent Results

Platelets require red and white blood cells to survive long term. Unlike gel separators that capture the platelets within the gel, our kit allows you to accurately create consistently efficient PRP at the concentrations that you want.

High-Quality PRP System


Our kit can recover 90% of platelets from a blood sample, and produce a high-quality PRP.

FDA 510K Cleared PRP System

FDA 510K Cleared

Dr. PRP kit is now proudly holding the FDA 510K clearance, signifying its approval for regenerative use by healthcare providers in med spas, treatment facilities, and labs across the US. This esteemed clearance from the FDA marks a significant achievement in our commitment to providing top-quality medical devices.

Patented PRP System

Patented Design

According to the ISO 13485, our kit is made with thorough gamma-ray sterilization system and only with biocompatibility-certification completed raw materials.

Some swinging-out centrifuges are compatible with the Dr. PRP kit. We also offer adaptors for Harvest, EmCyte, and BioMet centrifuges.

PRP Training and Support

Training & Support

When you buy Dr. PRP, you’ll receive one on one in-service training via GoToTraining, FaceTime or Skype, a User Manual with photos and descriptions that details how to use your new product, as well as information on PRP and test results. We also offer a Platelet-Rich Plasma CME Certification course where you can enroll and learn the PRP Facelift and PRP Facial.

PRP Marketing System

Marketing System

You can order marketing collateral in the form of educational brochures for patients. These brochures explain various applications of PRP, such as sports medicine and hair regeneration. We’ll also add your location and contact information to our Directory of PRP Providers! And as part of the Dr. PRP USA family of providers, you’ll also receive discounts from our partners, including WebToMed, Vitadox and more.

See Dr. PRP USA Kit in Action!

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Dr. PRP is a simple, safe, and convenient way to separate PRP. Discover what the Dr. PRP difference can mean for you and your practice. Contact us today, or call (844) 377-7787!