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Safety and Efficacy of Dr. PRP Kits: The Go-To Option for Problem-Free PRP-Processing


When it comes to PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments, ensuring the highest standards of safety is of utmost importance. With the re-circulating news about HIV cases linked to a salon offering "vampire facials" in New Mexico several years ago, it becomes clear that proper precautions and the use of reliable PRP kits are vital. At Dr. PRP, we pride ourselves on developing and testing our kits to guarantee safety and efficacy, making them the go-to option for practitioners who prioritize patient well-being.

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Dr. PRP USA Receives FDA 510K Clearance for Its PRP Kits


Dr. PRP USA LLC has secured 510K clearance from the FDA for its Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) kits. This approval allows for broader distribution and utilization of its PRP kits within the medical industry. The PRP therapy, recognized for its contribution to wound healing, leverages a patient's own cells to manage and ward off health-related issues. The clearance paves the way for more widespread use of PRP technology across various medical fields.

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Enhance Patient Results with New Cellulam Post Procedure Lotion with DNA Repair Enzymes


Dr. PRP's new Cellulam Post Procedure Lotion with DNA Repair Enzymes improves the appearance of UV damage and sun spots in as little as four weeks. By using after in-office treatments and as part of routine skin care regimens, patients have enhanced outcomes and improved satisfaction.

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Join DrPRP USA at Medica Germany


We’re pleased to announce that our team will be represented at the MEDICA world forum for medicine, the #1 international medical trade fair in Europe – it’s happening in Germany from 12 – 15 November 2018. More than 5000 exhibitors from around the world will be here so it’ll be a great event for meeting new people, technology and trends.

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NEW: Hands-On Injectables Training In Houston By Dr. Katz


The short answer – you should be using both! According to this journal article by Dr. Daniel Sister, combining Platelet-Rich Plasma with Hyaluronic Acid fillers delivers 100% success rate with enhanced results while minimizing the numbers of injections needed. And with the new DrPRP Plasma-Fill™ Bio-Filler Maker Machine, you can opt for 100% PRP fillers when patients request to go all-organic.

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New Live Botox, Dermal Filler And Platelet-Rich Plasma Training


If you've been looking to up-level your facelift strategies with Botox, Platelet-Rich Plasma Training And Dermal Fillers, we have excellent news for you. The wonderful Dr. Katz has agreed to partner with DrPRP for a series of one-day LIVE intensive workshops (on Saturdays, the next available one is in September) on his latest Dentox X-Lift procedure. It will feature the following:

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Visit DrPRPUSA At KIMES 2017


We’re glad to announce that DrPRP USA will be represented at the 33rd Korea International Medical And Hospital Equipment Show 2017 (KIMES 2017). Our guy Brandon Lee will be at B hall – L121. If you’re going, please drop by. ?

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Dr. PRP at The 5th Annual PRP Regenerative Medicine Symposium (Updates)


The 5th Annual PRP Regenerative Medicine Symposium was an excellent opportunity to for us in the Regenerative Medicine Community to exchange ideas and experiences with our peers and mentors. And to that measure last weekend was a complete success. We learned a lot and got ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends and protocols in the PRP & Regenerative Medicine field.

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TOBI 2014 Update – Dr. Jason Dragoo, M.D., Stanford School of Medicine


Interesting presentation by Jason Dragoo, M.D. from the Stanford School of Medicine. He states that in his opinion bone marrow is not the best source of stem cells…only 1 or 2 MSCs per 2M cells of bone marrow. He also presented findings that there is measurable improvement in regeneration when injecting ADSCs with PRP in arthritic Joints.

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Visit Us At 5th Annual PRP Regenerative Medicine Symposium (TOBI 2014)


Visit our booth at 5th Annual PRP Regenerative Medicine Symposium (TOBI 2014). The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) is a community of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and regenerative medicine therapy pioneers sharing the latest cutting-edge developments in the industry.

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Esthetic Skin Institute Chooses Dr. PRP As It’s PRP Therapy Partner


This comprehensive one-day hands-on training workshop explores the multiple cosmetic applications of Platelet Rich Plasma. The morning didactic presentation will include: PRP theory and mechanism of action, Optimal level of platelets needed for angiogenesis (studies noted), is more better and does equipment matter, PRP as a stand-alone treatment and how it differs from the Platelet-Rich Plasma Lift®, Fat Grafting and PRP, PRP used in combination with Ablative Fractional Laser, RF and high intensity Ultrasound (deep dermal heating) devices.

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