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About Dr PRP


Dr. PRP USA LLC. is a privately held company committed to introducing ultra-sophisticated, naturally healthier medical concepts like Regenerative Therapy into the American Healthcare System. Dr. PRP’s dedicated research and development have paved the way for new products like Dr. PRP Regenerative Therapy Kit, which is a simple and highly functional aid for separating platelets for Regenerative Therapy. Dr. PRP has also ventured into Regenerative Cosmetic Rejuvenation with the now-famous Dr. R Booster Post-PRP Therapy Skin Care Formula. More new innovations are in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

The word “regenerative” is the heart and soul of Dr. PRP and everything it does goes back to the concept of accelerating our body’s natural healing to solve today’s medical challenges.

Regenerative (Autologous Blood) Therapy Products

Due to increased interest in autologous blood products (for use in a number of regenerative therapies), Dr. PRP USA will be bringing in more cool innovations to this area in the next coming quarters, following its passion for uncompromising quality and continuous innovation.

Innovative Healthcare

Innovative Healthcare

Dr. PRP brings Innovative ideas to today’s healthcare solutions. Regenerative Therapy in one of them and things are just getting started.

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

We build long term relationships based on nothing but a hand-shake. Our management’s primary asset is the years of trust we’ve earned during our many years in various businesses.

Advanced Marketing

Advanced Marketing

We spread the innovation from time to time with clear messaging that stands out. Our marketing team has been working with healthcare professionals for years.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to Dr. PRP USA LLC.

Our solutions are focused on making cutting-edge healthcare options more affordable and accessible.

Patti Dixon, BSN

Patti Dixon, BSN Managing Partner

Patti Dixon has over 30 years of business experience in ownership, sales and marketing, inventory, and management in the medical and manufacturing industry. She created and developed sales and marketing department by setting update base and tracking system of current physicians serviced as well as potential market prospects. Doubled revenues and cash flow quickly by identifying and acquiring vulnerable competition gaining valuable market share. Increased morale and retention of employees by developing motivational programs designed to motivate employees such as “Make a Wish Program”.

Patti effectively branded the products and delivered information to the end user and retail outlets that resulted in gained market share through more shelf space and increased sales. Increased profit margin in every business venture. Created and developed a marketing plan that targeted an untapped sector of the industries in which she was involved.

George Bretz, CCP, LP

George Bretz, CCP, LP Managing Partner

George Bretz has been a leader in the healthcare business for more than 36 years as a business owner who is proficient in sales, marketing, management, budgeting, and financial planning. As a cardiovascular perfusionist, and his main passion, has demonstrated the capacity to provide innovative techniques to the medical industry. Proven ability to successfully develop new markets and substantially increase profits.

Key Achievements:

  • Provided extensive training and continuing education to his employees; increasing proficiency in adapting to new environments.
  • Involved in all aspect of three corporate acquisitions.
  • Pioneered the transportation of heart patients by air on cardiac assist devices.
  • Nominated for Perfusionist of the Year in 1984.
  • Success through service is his mission statement which define and defends his professional identity.

George co- founded two medical service provider companies, the first being Houston Life Support System in 1980 and as Vice President was instrumental in increasing value of the company to $12 million with over 220 employees and 114 hospital account. Later on as CEO of Advanced Medical Resources LP, his second venture, in 1998, provided cardiovascular perfusion services and spearheaded the collaboration of 30 physicians in 24-Limited partnerships to service the neuro and orthopedic area of neuromonitoring of surgical procedures. By the end of 2012, AMR was valued at $20 million.

Dr. Seong Ryul Cho

Dr. Seong Ryul Cho Product Designer

Dr. Seong Ryul Cho (Dr. Cho) is a pioneer in advanced healthcare research and development, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine. He is the chairman and CEO of Rmedica Co. Ltd, a leader in high quality PRP Kits and other cell therapy products with orthopedic and pain-relieving applications. The company also holds several US Patents for it’s proprietary technology. Rmedica is now actively developing cosmetic products that harness the power of stem cells and the growth factors in Platelets.

Dr. Cho, has a degree in Veterinary Medicine and AMP (Advanced Management Program) from Seoul National University, Korea and is a former CEO of K-Stem Cell Co. Ltd. (Adult Stem cell therapeutics Company). Dr. Cho heads the board at Dr. PRP USA LLC.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee Operations Manager

Brandon Lee, an avid entrepreneur, brings more than 20 years of marketing, advertising, international sales and corporate communications experience in the beauty and healthcare industry. He is responsible for global operations of Dr. PRP USA LLC., including product development, marketing strategy, technology development and online reputation management. A University of Massachusetts graduate, Brandon plays an active role in defining, creating and delivering Dr. PRP USA’s top-of-class product offerings globally. Additionally, Brandon also takes a lead in cultivating relationships with international distributors, retailers and government agencies.

Brandon also serves as the Vice President of Rmedica Co. Ltd. where he oversees the business development team as Marketing Director. Having launched a variety of companies, including the hip Hair Removal company VISS Beauty, his vision is the key to maintaining Dr. PRP USA’s role as a pioneering leader in advanced regenerative therapy solutions. Brandon lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and 2 kids.

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