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AnteAGE MD Micro Pigmentation Solution

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AnteAGE MD — Micro Pigmentation Solution

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Available to medical professionals only

Stemcell-derived micro pigmentation solution for high intensity anti-aging. Includes 5 x 1.7ml tubes. We think it's a perfect companion for Bella Micro Pigmentation machine.


Dermal needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy) has become the fastest growing procedure in the skin rejuvenation sector, with more and more companies offering needling devices. Cellese has introduced a high-science cytokine and growth factor topical specifically formulated to work in synergy with dermal needling. Stem CytokinesTM and TGF-beta 3 are combined with hyaluronic acid to produce a product that quickly quenches inflammation while providing pro-healing cytokines. These actives are naturally occurring physiologic substances found within the skin of all people.

It is also a perfect post-procedure topical for laser, abrasive, and other ablative or collagen inducting medical esthetic treatments.


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