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AnteAGE MD Stem BioGel Occlusive Dressing

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AnteAGE MD — Stem BioGel Occlusive Dressing

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Lasering USA, a national distributor of fractional CO2 laser machines has for the past year recommended the AnteAGE MD system as part of its post-procedure protocol, having seen up to 40% faster healing with reduced inflammation, swelling, and discomfort when the system is used.

According to Dr.Taylor, President and Medical Director of AnteAGE, Stem BioGel is suitable for recovery from all ablative and semi-ablative treatments, a time when water loss from the skin, and bacterial contamination from the environment can be a problem. The occlusive has been used after dermal needling (also known as CIT, or Collagen Induction Therapy) with good result. Stinging and burning was relieved in minutes, according to Taylor.


AnteAGE Stem BioGel is a new type of topical occlusive dressing for use following ablative and semi-ablative esthetic medical procedures. It is formulated using vegetable oil gel, combining it with a unique boron based ingredient that provides additional anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. This gel can be used with the AnteAGE MD anti-aging skincare system (Serum and Accelerator) after minimally invasive procedures like fractional laser for fast skin-healing.

Includes 1 tube of 60ml Stem BioGel.


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