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5 Reason Why Medical Industry Is Shunning PRP Treatments [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published: 06/10/2015
5 Reason Why Medical Industry Is Shunning PRP Treatments

How PRP Treatments Are Done

In a PRP treatment, you draw blood from patient’s body and use it extract platelets and growth factors. This mixture of platelets and growth factors then heals the patient. Which means, everything that’s needed for recovery is pretty much FREE.

One patient who knows PRP is good for Meniere’s disease, an ear condition which causes a sensation of a spinning motion, vents frustration on reddit saying… “Seriously, why the HELL isn’t there any news about PRP injections for meniere’s!?!?!?”

With PRP, nothing foreign is added to the patient’s body so there is no risk of allergy, reaction or rejection. The only challenge is healing mixture to the right place. Doctors usually seek ultrasound imaging to help them with this.

Despite these advantages, the market share for PRP is close to zero compared to overall orthopedic devices market.

Why Are PRP Treatments Not Mainstream?

1. Raw materials for PRP treatment is FREE.

Since the raw materials are free for PRP treatments, the only charges are doctor’s fees. Which means the industry earns nothing for recommending PRP. Hence it’s taking a long time to take off.

2. Nothing to sell

There’s nothing to sell with PRP treatments. So PRP will not have medical representative. And so we don’t see its flyer in your local doctor’s office. No advertisements. No middlemen.

3. It’s an one-solution for all

Medical industry hates one-solution for all. But PRP can be prescribed to heal almost all your healing needs. Orthopedic injuries, cosmetic surgeries, and several other areas are proven to benefit highly from PRP. This is sure to kill a huge percentage of pharma industry. And they’re not liking it.

4. Cost for PRP Treatments are going down

Although, in its infancy, PRP treatments were expensive, widespread adoption by doctors is making it simpler and cost-effective. Almost any orthopedic surgeon can do PRP. Since there’s no complications with PRP, doctor’s love it. And cost for Platelet-Rich Plasma facial is going down too.

5. Insurance doesn’t cover PRP Treatments

This one thing is the major hurdle. And it’s the reason why PRP is only administered when all other options are exhausted. Why would a treatment this safe and devoid of side-effects be the last option?

The result?

PRP is fast growing, and it’s mostly through word-of-mouth. But the market share is nothing compared to what it could achieve. Global market for PRP was just 0.4% at 160 million dollars in 2013 compared to the orthopedic devices market which was $35.5 billion in 2013.

Here’s an infographic to help spread the awareness of PRP Treatments

5 Reason Why Medical Industry Is Shunning PRP Treatments Infographic