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9 Reasons why Dr. PRP is the Most Versatile and Effective PRP Kit Out There

Published: 01/12/2021
Versatile and Effective PRP Kits

DR. PRP – A Highly Versatile Patented System For Effortless, Safe And Effective Preparation Of Highly Concentrated PRP

  1. Dr. PRP is compatible with common swinging bucket type centrifuges.
  2. Takes into account the initial RBC and PLT differential.
  3. No Manual pipetting needed.
  4. Contains visible Buffy Coat for highest PRP concentration.
  5. Easy & accurate separation of the Buffy Coat layer due to single tube use.
  6. Adjustable PRP concentration with Double Spin Method.
  7. The Dr. PRP’s closed system eliminates the possibility of contamination caused by external air.
  8. Isolation from external contamination with double O-ring interface fit.
  9. Produces platelet concentrations of about 1,000,000 per µl of blood or about 6 to 8 times the normal concentration of platelets in human blood.


  1. Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) can be used for additional applications.
  2. Safe & Reliable – US-FDA Approved, ISO11137 certified, GMP Approved.
  3. Most cost-efficient PRP kit in the market today.