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Meniscus Tears: How Platelet-Rich Plasma Tackles It Without Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published: 09/09/2015
PRP Therapy for Meniscus Tear

Meniscus is a thin fibrous cartilage that’s the primary stabilizing component of the knee. It protects the joint from the stresses placed on it from walking, running, climbing, and bending. Meniscus problems can arise due to both overuse and trauma where it maybe forcefully twisted or flexed.

All in all, injuries to this part result in over a million surgeries every year in the US alone. This includes 650,000 arthroscopic procedures and 850,000 meniscal surgeries.

Though the numbers are huge, the majority of these surgeries doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, they accelerate the degeneration. That’s why an alarming 29% of them have to undergo re-operation (and we all know how it goes downhill from there).

Even in the most successful of these cases, patients were told to never return to arduous physical activity, including athletics.

Does it have to be this way?

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Meniscus Tear

Platelet-Rich Plasma is not always the ultimate jack-of-all-trades solution to repair ligaments. But certainly, the number of patients who’ve returned to normal activity after PRP treatments can understand the value of this gem of a procedure. In a good number of cases, patients did not only avoid surgery and returned to normal function after PRP, they even got back on athletic sports — something surgery patients could never possibly envision.

At the moment, ordinary patients have to think twice about the procedure since it’s not covered by insurance. Big pharma is outright rejecting the technique. All existing case studies are done by small medical communities that funds them out of their own pocket.

Meniscus Tears: How Platelet-Rich Plasma Tackles It Without Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Case Studies That Prove PRP’s Efficacy

A study associated with Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services, Illinois, paints a beautiful picture of powerful healing that’s contained in this simple treatment.

First case was of a 21-year-old runner athlete with medial meniscus tear. The patient received one session of 3.5cc of Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy to the inside of the knee. Pain levels went from a level 5 to 0.

Second is a 39-year-old squash player with lateral meniscus tear. He also received PRP Prolotherapy with 3.5 cc of solution. 17 months later, he’s back to playing squash.

Third is a 50-year-old chiropractor with medial and lateral meniscus tears. He was completely disabled and received a total of four sessions (a couple months interval between each) of PRP prolotherapy injections on his knee. Pain levels went from 8 to 1 and he’s back in form, cycling and a bit of running.

Fourth case is a 52-year-old athlete with lateral and medial tear who’s had surgery about 20 years prior. Again, pain levels went from a 7 to 0 in just 14 months. He has got back into cycling, swimming and weightlifting.

And finally, there’s a 46-year-old with recurrent meniscal tears on both knees. He was out of sports. Fifteen months and five PRP injections later, he has been playing soccer without any limitations.

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Meniscus Tear: An Infographic

Here’s an infographic to help you showcase some of the positive aspects of Platelet-Rich Plasma for Meniscus Tear. Download it and print for your convenience.

Meniscus Tears: How Platelet-Rich Plasma Tackles It Without Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]