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Using PRP Therapy On Horses - An Infographic

Published: 06/25/2015
PRP Therapy for Horses

One of the most common (and serious) type of injuries in athletic horses are suspensory ligament injuries. Usual treatment include rest, and administering anti-inflammatory medications. Then maybe a surgery, which is highly risky as it can mean that the horse will never be able to perform on a competitive level.

That’s why veterinarians love PRP. It’s extremely simple. Blood is drawn from the horse and the components are separated using a centrifuge and a concentrated amount of platelets are injected into the horse’s injured area. Then the healing begins. In addition to the platelets, the proteins in the blood also play a role in the healing.

Healing usually happens in 3-4 weeks. And during that time, the horses may undergo a combination of rest and physical therapy to aid healing. PRP injections performed at the appropriate time (within a few days of injury) can increase cartilage reproduction at a remarkable rate avoiding scar tissue formation.

For effective healing, PRP serum with a platelet count of 3-4 times that of normal blood is good. And you don’t need to “activate” the PRP.

Here’s handy infographic that you can print and paste on your workplace area. Enjoy!

Using PRP Therapy On Horses

Using PRP Therapy On Horses