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PRP Kit (1-Pack) Sample With Accessories

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PRP Kit (1-Pack) Sample With Accessories

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Dr. PRP kits make obtaining high quality PRP easy. Our patented design consistently recovers 90% of your patients’ platelets so they can benefit from the incredible power of growth factors.

Most importantly, we understand the importance of convenience. That’s why Dr. PRP kits allow you to determine the end product you want, not what we think you want.

This sample kit with accessories is perfect if you’re just starting out with PRP. Every Dr. PRP sample kit comes with the following:

Each Dr. PRP Accessories Pack contains:

  • 1 - 20cc syringe
  • 1 - 10cc syringe
  • 1 - 5cc syringe
  • 3 - Needles (18 gauge)
  • 1 - Butterfly needle (18 gauge)
  • 1 - Tourniquet
  • 1 - Band-aid
  • 1 - Tape
  • 1 - Alcohol swab
  • 1 - 2 x 2 gauze

Want to see the Dr. PRP kit in action? Click the Videos tab below.

Why Choose Dr. PRP Kits?

The answer is simple: Dr. PRP kits outperform all of our competitors’ kits. Here’s just a few reasons that make us stand out:

  • FDA 510K Cleared
  • 30 days of complimentary support
  • Full control of the product
  • Closed sterile system ensures protection from contamination
  • 90% recovery of platelets - some kits recover only 30!
  • Clear chambers allow you to easily identify all of the sample’s contents
  • Made with thorough gamma-ray sterilization
  • Biocompatibility-certified raw materials
  • No advanced preparation needed
  • Consistent, high-quality results you can rely on
  • More treatments in less time - the entire process takes about 30-40 minutes

Dr. PRP Kits are Ideal for…

  • Dermatologists
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Sports medicine clinics
  • Fertility clinics
  • Podiatrists
  • Rheumatologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Osteopathic physicians
  • Veterinarians
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Wound care specialists
  • Neurologists

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Dr. PRP Kits come with an anticoagulant?

Yes, each Dr. PRP kit comes with its own anticoagulant.

2. How much PRP can I obtain per Dr. PRP kit?

Each Dr. PRP kit produces about 4cc of PRP.

3. What is the shelf life for Dr. PRP kits?

The shelf life of Dr. PRP kits is 3 years.

4. Does Dr. PRP provide training and support?

Yes, absolutely. This kit comes with 30 days of complimentary support. Contact Dr. PRP specialists at (844) 377-7787 (DR-PRP-US) for a consultation anytime during the 30 days.


This PRP kit comes with 30 days of complimentary support. You can contact Dr. PRP specialists for consultation and clarification anytime during the 30 days.


Dr. PRP Kit has been 510K Cleared by the FDA.
FDA 510(K) Number: BK230818


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  • Products are high quality, great customer service & fast shipping!

    Erin Palubicki on 04/10/2024
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  • I have DR PRP Centrifuge and Kits and using them since one year with good results.

    Dr Muhammad Dughbaj, Senior Consultant Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Medicine on 02/12/2020
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  • Can I tell ya, how thrilled I am at the ease of your machine!!! Its awesome! Today‚Äôs patient loved watching how everything worked!!!

    Dr. David on 02/12/2020
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