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Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

Published: 02/21/2017
Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

As you probably know, Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment is the ONLY treatment that allows us to harness a patient’s innate healing mechanisms quickly and easily (and more economically) to jumpstart the natural healing process.

And it’s the most interesting thing to ever happen in modern medical history for a long long while.

Take the patient’s own blood and spin it to isolate Platelet-Rich Plasma.

And inject it into specific areas to promote healing. It can also be used in gel format for applying on chronic, non-healing wounds.

No other drug, surgery or vaccine in the history of western medicine was able to secure this wide a scope of application that Platelet-Rich Plasma alone enjoys.

And without the side effects that western medicine is particularly known for.


Harnessing the body’s natural healing power leads to fewer unintended consequences (aka side effects).

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

Now, there is one more thing you may not be aware of.

The trend for Platelet-Rich Plasma is inching closer to a tipping point.

By Platelet-Rich Plasma, I mean Pure-Platelet Rich Plasma (P-PRP), Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Plasma (L-PRP), and Pure-Platelet-Rich Fibrin (P-PRF) combined.

A Forecast For Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments in The USA

Here’s a WARNING:

There are quite a few “market analysis experts” who predict that the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Market is expected to reach US$451.9 million dollars by the end of 2024.

They are DEAD WRONG.

Measured at a valuation of US$160.0 million in 2015…

Platelet-Rich Plasma market could double or triple that amount by the time we enter 2018.

Here’s why. Our research indicates…

There are FOUR segments where interest in Platelet-Rich Plasma are exploding:

  1. Hair restoration
  2. Skin care and anti-aging
  3. Sexual regeneration
  4. Pain management

To understand why we’re reaching a tipping point with PRP, let’s look at the latest developments in these 4 segments alone.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Restoration

The Hair Restoration industry is embracing Platelet-Rich Plasma big time. Recently, Atlanta-based Dr. John Cole, the world’s most respected hair transplant surgeon, has been experimenting with his own cutting edge modifications to existing Platelet-Rich Plasma separation procedures.

He has been testing with Ultrasound waves (4.5 MHz) generated from piezoelectric ceramics to prepare PRP with possible higher platelet concentration and less RBCs contamination.

This is a genuine effort on the part of Dr. Cole (his PRP Combined with FUE Procedure was an industry-first) to improve the overall field of hair restoration…

And he picked Platelet-Rich Plasma as the one of his key levers!

To understand why this field is going to explode, you have to see what users are saying. Like this user who posted on Realself website:

For years I’ve tried it all. Started going to Doctors when I was in my late 20’s and have tried Rogaine, Vivascal and other herbal treatments. I finally decided to seek PRP when I saw it on Good Morning America. I’ve had two sets of treatments. First one at the end of June and the second one in August. I’m going to do my third and final one around November. The results are phenomenal. Not only do I see hair growth and yes, it’s still coming in, but the condition of my hair has also improved. It’s healthier and easier to style. I still use rogaine daily but stopped the Vivascal. The difference the PRP made is remarkable.

It’s fascinating that Platelet-Rich Plasma, a relatively new medical innovation can trump years of scientific development and billions in research dollars by the hair regeneration industry.

Here’s what PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine reports on it’s peer-reviewed article on PRP for hair loss:

So far, PRP has shown some very promising results in hair rejuvenation through prolongation of the anagen phase and signaling some complex pathways involved in hair growth cycle. The results showed enhanced proliferation, differentiation, and angiogenesis of the derma papillae cells and stem cells in the bulge. Clinically, observed outcomes included increased hair count and enhanced hair thickness. Additionally, these results were achieved with a relatively acceptable cost and a good safety profile.

That last sentence is a crucial one.

Because traditionally, the recognised treatments for Female or Male Pattern Hair Loss namely androgenic alopecia are things like minoxidil and finasteride that can cause really unpleasant side effects like hair growth in other unwanted areas and loss of libido and sexual dysfunction.

And PRP Treatments have none of that!

And that’s just the first application of Platelet-Rich Plasma that’s poised for a take off in 2018.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

2. Skin Care, facial correction and anti-aging

Over the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous demand for PRP-related cosmetic procedures. It’s not only just a US-trend. It’s a world-wide trend. There is nothing more powerfully alluring than the promise of harnessing your own healing power to look good.

And the market response says it all.

Americans spent an estimated US$ 59 Million for Platelet-Rich Plasma related cosmetic surgery applications in 2016.

That’s approximately 0.5% of all the money that Americans spend on ALL COSMETIC PROCEDURES IN TOTAL.

And I think that number is way too conservative. There are so many mom and pop skin care centers offering these procedures – often with just a registered nurse on payroll – that the market should be so much bigger by now.

These skin care centers offer a variety of skin treatments with Platelet-Rich Plasma. Skin Tightening, Stretch Marks, Facelifts and Acne Scar Treatments to name a few. They also combine PRP with Micro Pigmentation and call it Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift.

But we’ve found that the scope of Platelet-Rich Plasma is even bigger than we thought.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

New Trend In Platelet-Rich Plasma For Skin Rejuvenation

The newest trend is turning Platelet-Rich Plasma (or Platelet-Poor Plasma, it’s byproduct) into…


If I say that I’m surprised by how innovative, cost efficient and effective this is, it would be an understatement.

Turning PRP/PPP into dermal fillers is a bloody miracle that is bound to upset the dermal filler industry over time.

Things like Radiesse can cost upwards of $600 while Fat-based fillers can cost $1200 or more. Now, they have to compete with PRP/PPP based fillers that cost providers next to nothing to harvest.


Especially considering that according to International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons (ISAPS), about 3 million dermal filler procedures were conducted worldwide in 2013.

And the secret weapon behind turning PRP/PPP into dermal fillers is this little machine that uses a special heating and cooling algorithm.

That machine is one of the hottest selling products for us in 2016. You can read more about it here.

So we’ve covered the Hair Loss industry and the Skin Care/Anti-aging industry.

Let’s hit the next segment which is the Sexual Wellness industry. OMG.

3. Platelet-Rich Plasma For Sexual Regeneration

Now, if you’re reading this, you probably know Platelet-Rich Plasma’s history for helping men and women restore confidence in themselves and strengthen their relationships.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

You know. The Platelet-Rich Plasma for Sexual Regeneration.Sexual Regeneration With Platelet-Rich Plasma Is A New Trend O Shot P Shot

It has given the sexual wellness industry a much-needed breath of fresh optimism – there has never been a more scientific approach to sexual regeneration that doesn’t involve even a tiny dose of side-effects.

Little wonder patients are paying thousands of dollars – and willing to go the extra mile (literally) to undergo this procedure. I think the beauty of Platelet-Rich Plasma is it’s simplicity. It’s so ridiculously easy to explain to your clients and they can see right away that there’s no need to worry about side-effects.

And the clients have reported great results not only in terms of increased sexual pleasure…

…in terms of increased sexual feelings, greater arousal from clitoral & G-spot stimulation, increased lubrication and tightening of the vagina…

But it has a curious positive side effect of relieving urinary incontinence as well!

I think that’s what makes Platelet-Rich Plasma a rockstar treatment – it’s list of positive side effects make it well worth the clients’ money.

Speaking of positive side-effect, the most curious of them all is this:

The Unbelievable Effect Of Platelet-Rich Plasma On Menopause

According to a team of researchers, the most amazing thing they’ve witnessed is that when Platelet-Rich Plasma was injected into the ovaries of post-menopausal women, it restarted their menstrual cycle. (Kudos to the team at Futurism for pointing it out.)


This literally blows the lid off the upper age limit of would-be mothers.

Isn’t this the greatest advancements in western medical history?

No complicated surgeries, no harmful drugs, no artificial interventions.

Just a few simple injections for OUT-OF-THE-WORLD results.

Now let’s look at the last segment where I think Platelet-Rich Plasma is about to become hugely popular.

And that’s pain management.

4. How Platelet-Rich Plasma Is Changing The Pain Management Industry

Right now, at this level of understanding of Platelet-Rich Plasma, it would a huge missed opportunity if you don’t try it for conditions like…

  1. Rotator cuff injuries
  2. Shoulder instability
  3. Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  4. Hamstring and hip strains
  5. Knee sprains and instability
  6. Patellar tendonitis
  7. Achilles tendonitis
  8. Plantar fasciitis
  9. Knee, hip, shoulder and ankle osteoarthritis
  10. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  11. Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction

Doctors now consider PRP the first-in-line procedure for these conditions.

However, one surprising – again coming back to it – positive side effect is…

Platelet-Rich Plasma As A Pain Killer

Research studies and clinical practice have shown that injecting Platelet-Rich Plasma immediately after an injury or any other painful instance can be very effective at relieving the pain.

This is because of PRP’s ability to jump-start and strengthen the body’s natural healing signal actually triggers the brain to stop producing the pain response – meaning it signals that the situation is under control.

In addition to pain relief, Platelet-Rich Plasma is also found to have the following functions…

  1. Anti-microbial
  2. Adhesion
  3. Aggregation
  4. Pro-coagulation and clot retraction
  5. Cytokine signaling
  6. Chemokine and growth factor release

That is a complete healing package right there, isn’t it?

So anytime you hear a client complain about pain – think Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?

At least that’s what’s happening in Sports Medicine. Look at how the Los Angeles Angels ace Garrett Richards was instantly given Platelet-Rich Plasma injection into his severely damaged right elbow – and not Tommy John surgery as is usually the practice.

If all of this doesn’t make Platelet-Rich Plasma hard to ignore, there’s one more development that completely elevates the game for PRP fans.

Freeze-Dried Platelet-Rich Plasma

Researchers have found a way to make it even easy for using Platelet-Rich Plasma. Instead of freshly preparing and applying immediately after a wound or operative procedure, they found a way to preserve the PRP in advance using freeze-dried PRP (FD-PRP).

And not only that, they found out that freeze-dried PRP contained more growth factors than freshly prepared PRP – almost three times. Here’s a well-detailed article on Nature about that. It even says the results were better when FD-PRP was used.


This means Platelet-Rich Plasma can now…

  • Have increased shelf life (ideal for repeated applications)
  • Can be offered at even lower costs
  • Provide higher concentration of Growth Factors
  • Cut down the application time with ready-to-use samples
  • All from a single blood collection.

The process of freeze-drying typically involves rotating in an ethanol bath at −60 °C and then keeping it frozen at −30 °C for the next 4 hours.

These samples are then attached to a vacuum freeze-dryer.

Freeze-dried Platelet-Rich Plasma can be stored for up to 8 weeks according to preliminary research. Not bad.

That, I think crushes one of the important barriers to its widespread adoption.

Last but not least, I want to add the role technology will play in skyrocketing the popularity of Platelet-Rich Plasma in 2018.

Medical Technology Doubles Every 3 And Half Years

Coming back to the market for Platelet-Rich Plasma, analysts’ conservative guess put it at about $160 Million for 2015. That might be right but they’re terribly wrong about the future growth.

As medical technology continue to double every three and half years, our knowledge in Platelet-Rich Plasma will grow exponentially.

We will have more knowledge on how the many growth factors – mainly platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), Transforming growth factor (TGF)-[1 and 2], Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) – and various other cytokines and their roles in healing.

And there will be newer applications like dermal fillers that Platelet-Rich Plasma will sneak into.

Today, we discussed only 4 medical categories where Platelet-Rich Plasma is making a dent.

There are literally hundreds more.

Conclusion:Platelet-Rich Plasma Is Not The Be-all And End-All Solution

While discussing the rise of Platelet-Rich Plasma, I also feel the need to acknowledge the fact that there are limitations.

Platelet-Rich Plasma isn’t perfect.

The first limitation is that it comes in just one-size – we need a huge insights into how its constituents work and develop new ways of extracting the exact growth factors and cytokines we want. Then we’ll be able to offer custom Platelet-Rich Plasma prescriptions for different situations.

But I believe further discoveries are just around the corner.

Another thing to acknowledge is this: PRP is not the be-all and end-all of all solutions.

Instead, we need to look at it as a healing accelerator that can make medications that previously failed finally work. This is a huge distinction that the critics failed to understand.

It’s not just a remedy – it’s could be remedy for all other remedies.

What a missed opportunity when doctors don’t realize this.

Let’s not forget what Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine has taught us:

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ~ Hippocrates
Platelet-Rich Plasma Market Poised For A Liftoff in 2018?