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Lab Cart For PRP Centrifuge

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Lab Cart For PRP Centrifuge

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Lab Rack for Platelet-Rich Plasma Separation

Now comes with lifetime guarantee!

  • White, locking, polyethylene lab cart.
  • Fits the Platelet-Rich Plasma centrifuge.
  • Ideal for keeping everything PRP-related in one place.
  • Three (3) full-extension Watermelon Pink drawers (12 3/4″ x 3 5/8″ x 15 7/8″ WHD).
  • Six (6) side shelves and 1 lockable bulk storage area.
  • Chemically resistant polyethylene and ABS construction.
  • Built in document holder and dispenser for Kim wipes and gloves.
  • Four 3-inch non-marking rubber casters (2 with brakes).

This multi-tasking storage cabinet gives portability to your Platelet-Rich Plasma set up. From blood draw to PRP separation in one place. Drag it from patient to patient and perform Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment on the spot in front of their eyes. Really convinces the patients of the autologous self-healing function of PRP.


One piece of super tough, chemically resistant, multi-tasking, lockable storage cabinet to place all your Platelet-Rich Plasma equipment in one place.

Now with lifetime guarantee.

This rack fits your PRP centrifuge and the Plasma-Fill™ device neatly with generous amount of storage space for PRP Kits and related equipment. And it’s movable.


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