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Step-by-Step Guide on using the Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker

Published: 03/24/2023

How to Use Dr. PRP PlasmaFill Bio-Filler Maker

Wrinkles? Deep folds? How about sagging breasts and buttocks? For many women, they’re all sources of insecurity. They turn to anti-aging creams and lotions, and even surgery, hoping for a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty.

But surgery is a hard sell for many – if not most – people. More and more people are choosing the Plasma Bio-Filler Facelift, a non-surgical way to rejuvenate the skin using platelet-poor plasma (PPP) for superior results.

If you want to start offering non-surgical autologous facelift procedures to your patients, you know the importance of creating a high-quality product. Dr. PRP now makes the process faster and easier with our PlasmaFill Bio-Filler Maker .

Introducing Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker

To perform a Plasma Bio-Filler Facelift, you first need to produce an autologous dermal filler gel using PPP.

Dr. PRP’s PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker does this in a matter of minutes, producing quality Bio-Fillers that can be injected on your patient’s face, neck, breasts, and butt to volumize and rejuvenate these areas. It uses semiconductor chips to regulate – with high precision – our special heating and cooling algorithm derived from our years of experience and research. This algorithm produces the best quality Plasma Bio-Filler that can then be safely injected into your patient’s body.

The benefits of using the Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker include:

  • Speed – get perfect quality Plasma Bio-Fillers in just minutes
  • No need to preheat
  • Ability to obtain 4 x 1 ml, 4 x 5 ml, and 4 x 10 ml syringes full of Plasma Bio-Fillers
  • Versatility – you can customize and record your own programs
  • Size – it’s small enough to easily fit on your desk

Best of all, the Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker is a one-step machine. Because it uses an advanced heating system, all you need to do is drop the syringes, press the button, and wait for completion. That’s it.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker

Just like platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Bio-Fillers are derived from the patient’s own blood. This means you’ll need a PRP tube like the Dr. PRP kit and a centrifuge.

Here’s our step-by-step guide:

  1. Load a 20cc syringe with 3cc anti-coagulant (e.g., anticoagulant citrate dextrose solution A (ACD-A)).
  2. Prime the needle until the ACD-A is at the tip of the needle.
  3. Draw 17cc of the patient’s blood into the syringe. Be sure to mix the blood and ACD-A by tilting the tube up and down a couple times.
  4. Inject the drawn blood into the Dr. PRP kit through the upper injection port until the blood level reaches the 20cc scale marked on the kit. For easier injection, try tilting the kit.
  5. Place the filled Dr. PRP kit into the centrifuge. If you’re preparing only one sample, you’ll need a counterweight for balance.
  6. Set the rotation at 3400 rpm and the timer for 4 minutes. This first centrifugation step separates the plasma layer and the red blood cell layer.
  7. At the end of the run, the platelets and the plasma will be on the top chamber of the Dr. PRP kit, and the red blood cells at the bottom. Adjust the height of the separated boundary to the indicated point by pushing up or pulling down the adjusting knob located at the lower part of the kit. The platelets will sediment at the bottom of the top chamber of the tube.
  8. Using a 10cc syringe with a long needle, carefully remove 6cc of the PPP from the top chamber, leaving 4cc at the base. Do not shake the kit.
  9. Transfer the PPP to special syringes and incubate them in the Dr. PRP PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker.
  10. Press the button and wait for completion.
  11. Congratulations! Now you have dermal Bio-Fillers.

A Few Notes About PlasmaFill® Bio-Fillers

  • The Plasma Bio-Fillers should be maintained at body temperature or slightly higher. Lower temperatures may make them too viscous.
  • Anesthetize the injection area with a 25-gauge needle containing 0.2 ml of Articaine.
  • The Plasma Bio-Filler should be injected using a 1” or shorter 23-gauge needle or cannula through the same puncture hole. Do not use a longer cannula as the material is quite thick.

The Plasma Bio-Filler can be injected into 8 points on the face as shown in the image below:

PRP Injection Spots

Are You Riding the Non-Surgical Wave?

The global PRP market is expected to reach $1.94 billion USD by 2030.1 And it’s easy to see why. PRP delivers numerous benefits with an unmatched safety profile for the many patients looking to avoid surgical facelifts.

Dr. PRP’s PlasmaFill® Bio-Filler Maker now makes the process of making Plasma Bio-Fillers even easier, saving you money and time. We also carry PRP kits and centrifuges in our online store. If you have any questions, call us at (844) 377-7787 (DR-PRP-US) and we’ll be happy to help you.